I have a little problem

My name is Laura and I’m addicted to stationery.

Supportive applause.

I’m pretty sure the reason I decided I wanted to be a writer was because of all the pens.

There’s nothing quite like the plasticy rattle when you dig through your pen box (because pen cases are too small) to reach a biro you acquired from a hotel you stayed at five years ago or a fountain pen that was the first pen your now husband gave you when you went off to uni.

Someone who owns multiple pen boxes, a large plastic storage box full of blank pads and notebooks, a shelf full of ‘in-use’ notebooks and folders and still struggles to keep their monthly stationery spend under £20 has a tiny problem…

I wonder, what are other people’s reasons for wanting to write? Hopefully they’re a little more writerly than mine.

Also, I’m really looking forward to April. Thank you eBay and Amazon 🙂


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