Bullet Journal – Organisation (procrastination) for the creative minds

The idea behind the  bullet journal is credited to Ryder Carroll. It’s a fusion of to do lists, personal goals, daily weekly monthly yearly planners and anything else you want to include. There’s a full history on it on his website that I won’t plagiarise here.

You will need at the very least a notebook and a pen or pencil. At the most, well, your bank balance is the limit. The bullet journal invites as many doodles and illustrations as your arty self can manage (which if is none is fine also) so you can easily justify treating yourself to some fineliner pens, the more colours the better, and oh yes a brand new notebook!

Of course any notebook will do but there are specially designed notebooks with prenumbered pages and dot grids for ease of structuring your pages and collections.

The beauty of the journal is you design every page so if you can include whatever you want. A quick perusal on Google or Pinterest will give you an idea of what other people use it for and also will give you some inspiration on doing your own layouts. Keeping track of submissions and deadlines along with story ideas is not beyond the scope of this journal so I think it’s a relevant procrastination tool for any (non-)writer.

My bullet journal order is in the post and I can’t wait. I’ve always wanted a Myslexia diary thinking it will help boost my creativity but couldn’t justify the cost. Now of course I’ve just spent at least that amount on pens alone and a dotted notebook (that doesn’t ghost – a new phrase I’ve learned) costs about the same. So good saving money there…


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