Rejection Time

A little email popped up in my inbox last week. I was incredibly excited to read it and thought it worth sharing here:


Now most people would probably be a little disappointed at receiving a rejection like the one above. To me though it’s a real achievement. It means I wrote something, actually wrote something from start to finish and *gasp* sent it off for someone completely unknown to me to judge.

It was a Sci-Fi story so a little outside of my comfort zone. I usually stick to fantasy, I like all that magic and world-building and creating your own rules. Also I’m always worried that any Sci-Fi reader will see me as a fraud if I make any glaring errors. In fantasy they can’t scrutinise me too closely, because, well it’s my world and if a multicoloured unicorn wants to defy gravity and make cow noises it can. (I’ve never written about unicorns, just so we’re clear)

Although it didn’t make the cut, I’m still proud of what I wrote / that I finished something. First time this year! Perhaps I can officially call myself a writer now?


6 thoughts on “Rejection Time

  1. Well done,Laura, and you can certainly call yourself a writer. I’ve been rejected a few times (well more than a few!) and my hubbie reminded me that being rejected was a rite of passage for us writers. That helped me keep it in perspective. Thanks for dropping by my blog and I’ll be checking in with you from time to time.

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