How To Plan A Novel

There’s lots of different ways to plan a novel, one of the most famous being the Snowflake Method. But they all skip over some of the most important details. I thought I should make my own step-by-step guide on how to plan a novel that addresses everything a writer needs to know about planning:

  • Go shopping for a new notebook
  • Buy a new pen to write in new notebook with
  • Redecorate your office / writing space to “clean” your mind of old ideas
  • Draw concept art of your book cover
  • Make mock-up cardboard covers of your book and possible sequels and fill your bookcase with them
  • Design a planning worksheet in a Word or Excel-like programme
  • Design more worksheets for characters, story arcs, settings and specific scenes
  • Search WordPress for advice on planning
  • Read a ton of flash fiction and people’s publishing successes
  • Go to Amazon and buy said books
  • Wait anxiously by the door for books to arrive with a pack of biccies in hand

After you’ve read all your new books and feel a little sick from all the biscuits … go back to that notebook, pick up a pen and start writing about the story you want to write. In any form that feels best, be it bullet points (my fave if you didn’t already notice), stream of consciousness from a character, outline of a plot, blurb, synopsis etc.

Happy writing x


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