I put my feelings in little *’s because I grew up in the age of MSN Messenger when emojis were called emoticons and there were about five to choose from.

So late at night after touching up a blog post scheduled to publish tomorrow when hopefully I will be in the land of nod (sleeping) but will actually be tending to the pink alarm clock that has no concept of the word lie-in, I decided to have a play around with the look of my blog.

I added a new widget to display my “top” posts – I use that term lightly as there are far better posts in the blogosphere by more experienced bloggers – and noticed a typo, in one of my blog titles!

After writing a post I do spend a good while reading over it and then schedule it for a Friday and spend the days in between reading over it and checking I have written something I think people will want to read rather than a narcissistic brain dump. (I have many, many posts in my Trash and in Draft that will never see the LED screens on the other end of the internets.

So to miss a typo in a blog title no less is pretty embarrassing. Sorry guys.

Here’s a little screenshot of it before I changed it because I think I need a little reminder to take more care, and maybe drink less rum (diddly).


Happy spellchecking! x


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