How To Beat Writer’s Block

No good writing resource is complete until there’s an article on Writer’s Block. As all writers likely come across this hurdle at some point during their career I felt it might be helpful to share some ideas on how to overcome it.

I write all the time so these should be taken in due seriousness:

  • Read a book from a different genre you write in. 
  • Research an archaic skill for at least two hours.
  • Learn a new language, or rather a select few phrases you would not use in everyday conversation.
  • Find an obscure word and draw a picture of an animal you think would best represent it.
  • Stick said picture to your fridge.
  • Alternatively stick said picture to someone else’s fridge and demand they appreciate your talent as an artist.
  • Go visit a park / castle / town you have never been to before. Optional side quest: buy a bag of chips (fries to any American readers) or an ice cream if there are no chip shops available.
  • Play a good RPG. 

That should get you through the next few days and hopefully the Writer’s Block will have resolved itself by then. If it hasn’t then head on over to a proper writing website with actual helpful advice!

If you have any tricks or habits when it comes to beating Writer’s Block please share them in the comments.

Happy writing x


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