Plotting, Pens and Positive … err … (no good at writing titles)

That flurry of writing last week led to some fairly productive procrastinating. I’m not going to call it writing, yet. I don’t want to jinx it. That way if I fall flat on my face on Nov 1st I can’t say I was really trying. 

I managed to palm my child off on a grandparent for a couple of hours so naturally I nipped to the shops before I went home to do housework. I only went to Wilko which has a nasty habit of hoovering up all my money. If you’re not from the UK Wilko is a big shop that sells pretty much everything for cheap – cleaning products, home accessories, DIY, and oh yes, stationery! So there I stand at the till: carpet stain remover, face wash cloths, a silicone whisk, 4 ringbinders and a BIC 4 colour pen. 

I love these pens so much! I had one when I was younger and it just never seemed to run out. This one I just bought has a metallic purple body:

(The dummy in the background is not mine, incidentally.)

Nothing gets me in the mood to write more than a new pen so I thought I would turn my enthusiasm to next month’s Nano and the poor excuse for an outline I had so far.

I dusted off my copy of How To Write A Novel Kit (literally – my writing shelf is practically unused these days) and set about planning my book. Inside it has these little notepads for you to fill in with Character Sheets and Scene Sheets and a very bossy little book telling you step-by-step what to do next. You have to fill in a lot of sheets by hand, perfect for breaking in my new pen!

The good thing about plotting in advance is it is easy to tell when a story is not going to work. I’m currently working on draft 3 of the plot. If I had gone straight in with the writing I would have wasted probably about the same amount of time but it would be harder to throw away and start again.

Sometimes not writing is a good thing. Or at least I hope so, I will find out when I actually start this thing!

(I didn’t do any housework.)


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