10 Reasons Not To Write That Novel

  1.  You’re not good enough. There’s no way you have the skill set required to tell this epic tale. You can’t possibly portray the characters well enough to get your cat even remotely interested. Not unless you dipped the manuscript in fish water first.
  2. You don’t have the time. What is it, 70,000 words minimum. At an average speed of 40wpm that’s nearly 30 hours of writing per draft. Presuming of course that you don’t make a mistake or change … well … anything. So maybe double or triple that estimate. After the full time job, eating tea, nap time, wine time, gaming time, reading time that leaves about fifteen minutes spare. So it will take over a year to produce just the first draft.
  3. No one will read it. No amount of shyly placing the completed manuscript in a locked drawer and leaving obscure clues around the house will tempt a big publisher to come knocking at the door, so why bother?
  4. It’s been done. You read a book ten years ago about a girl named Susannah. Your readers who managed to decode the clues will no doubt see Hannah is a complete rip off with their similar hair colour and feminine ways.
  5. You don’t have a good idea. Being the one who chooses what a publisher wants for their lists you know exactly what the market is looking for. This isn’t it.
  6. No one will read it. Yes this has already been covered but it’s a really big problem. Truly there is no other point to writing other than having a complete stranger read your book and give it more than three stars on Amazon.
  7. You have other things to do. Like going away on holiday. Studying for exams. Starting a family. There is simply no space in your life right now to add to the incredibly crowded … erm plate. Of life. Yeah that’s a thing now.
  8. You haven’t done enough planning. No one wants to be waist deep in garbage in a room slowly closing in on itself with no clear way out. That’s how characters die. And they could have gone on to do something important.
  9. You did too much planning. Where’s the fun in writing when you already know what the ending is. It’s like reading the last chapter first and trying to stay interested.
  10. You would much rather write a blog post about why you are not writing your novel. Reasonably therapeutic. Perfectly legitimate reason not to write.

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