8 Ways To Work On Your Novel Without Actually Writing It

  1. World Building. What is happening on the opposite side of the planet to your novel? It’s imperative you know these things for your future fans. They will appreciate the level of detail you have invested in your work.
  2. Draw your timeline on a piece of A3 paper. Use lots of coloured pens and/or pencils. If you are artistically inclined then illustrate your work. Try to fill every spare bit of white space possible.
  3. Fill in a character questionnaire for every single Minor character that pops up.
  4. Build a scale model of your character’s hometown out of cardboard rolls and cereal boxes. Poster paint and PVA glue will help bring it to life. Send pictures of your masterpiece to Neil Buchanan.
  5. Transfer your current novel into a novel writing software programme like ywriter6. Spend the whole day really getting to grips with it first. 
  6. Write a one sentence description of a scene onto a flashcard. Repeat for every single scene. Decorate your writing room with said flashcards. You may wish to number them as you go along if you are interested in knowing what order they come in.
  7. Design a cover for your book in Gimp or Photoshop. Spend at least a day learning to use the software and then end up with only your name and some kind of arbitrary image that screams out: self published! 
  8. Research potential agents to submit your novel to when it is complete. Panic when you realise there is no existing market for your novel. Decide to start your own press in the genre your novel is written in. Research how to start your own press.

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