A part-time writer, part-time mom. I spend the majority of my time not writing. I try and try in vain to write something, anything!

Since the arrival of my little pink alarm clock I have managed a 600 word product description for a website that didn’t even use it.

Seeing as I no longer have the concentration skills to write anything fictional as I immediately lose all plot points the second she starts winding up, I decided to write about something true.

Being a new mum is hard. Being a novelist as well as is pretty much impossible.

So this is a writing blog about not writing.


5 thoughts on “

  1. I get it too! I knew someone like this,a new Mum, on a writing course – she had to keep putting it aside for motherhood, but it will be there for another time. In the mean time ‘life writing’ will be fine!

    • Impressive that she went on a course at the same time! It’s getting easier now the little one is a bit older but there’s still not much spare time that I’m not spending doing mom jobs or sleeping!

  2. She was writing a novel and we kept in touch for while, then she had another child. I know she will write again when she has the time. I came back to art later in life and then to writing – keep trucking ;>)

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